10 Funny Negative Reviews of Always Sunny on Amazon

“I think this is a dumb show that has no value at all, but my husband likes it. I think if he spent his time sleeping it would be more productive towards his life.”

We all love Always Sunny, but let’s take a look at what people who don’t appreciate Rum Ham or Kitten Mittens think of Always Sunny.

Here are 10 of the more ridiculous and funny negative reviews from people rating It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia on Amazon.

  1. “I think this is a dumb show that has no value at all, but my husband likes it. I think if he spent his time sleeping it would be more productive towards his life.”

This lady (or man… it’s 2017) just sees Always Sunny as a huge waste of time for her husband who I’m assuming is constantly getting yelled at for not taking the trash out.

Charlie and Mac

  1. “The more I watched the less I was liking it. I would walk away thinking, “that was the stupidest episode yet!” Then I started thinking that about practically every episode. I find it absolutely annoying when everyone is yelling incomprehensibly at the same time.”


  1. “I’m still searching for why so many people love this show…. these people seem to live sad and unsatisfied lives! I keep watching, hoping, that one of them will show a shred of sense.”

Listen, if Charlie lived a happy, ratless life the show would probably suck.  Find another show to rag on, you dunce.

Frank and Charlie

  1. “Too much incoherent bickering and Charlie has an annoyingly whiny voice”

Again this person hits it right on the head why we love this show so much. Bickering…Check…Charlie’s whiny voice…Check

Charlie Okay

  1. “I didn’t finish watching this. I couldn’t get through the first couple episodes. I bought it as my bf said it was a funny show. I however didn’t find much humor in it.”

I don’t see this relationship lasting very long.

  1. “Not my taste. Saw only a few minutes of it.”

-So after a few minutes you decided it wasn’t your taste? Imagine living your life like this Jabroni, “Yeah I tried sex once but after a couple of minutes I didn’t like it.” Wait this might be the same woman as #1. That explains a lot.

The Gang

  1. “I guess I didnt’ get it. Didn’t think it was funne”

I gess u didnt’ learne to spel eder!

  1. “The show seems to try to offend everyone equally. I guess some people find that amusing but as hard as I tried to get into it, It just isn’t funny.”

Not sure what gives this person the impression that the show is trying to offend everyone, it’s not like the first ever episode was titled “The Gang Gets Racist” and the second episode titled “Charlie Wants an Abortion” or anything!  Actually, after reading all the episode titles for the first season again, this person might have a point.

Mac and Charlie

  1. “It’s entertaining, but nowhere near as entertaining as How I Met Your Mother–which often took place in a bar.”

Just shut up, shut your dumb face! I’d rather watch Charlie bash rats for 20 seasons than have to listen to Ted talk about the one that got away one more time. Sorry to offend any HIMYM fans but GTFO.

10.  “This show is appalling. All these people do is drink and scheme and get into terrible trouble. If I wanted to watch that I’d just turn my phone camera on and record my day.”

This dude’s day sounds pretty hilarious. Might actually be Mac.

Mac and Frank

Bonus review: “They made a mistake. The front of the donut box Mac had was from ‘Dad’s Donuts’, but there is no ‘Dad’s Donuts’ in Philly, only in CA where the show is really filmed. You think it would have occurred to someone to cover up the name on the box before filming.”

This guy gave the show 1 star because of a donut box and I think that is actually pretty hilarious.  That being said, this dude sounds like a douche.

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  1. I think these people don’t get the show which should be watched reading between the lines. The show is interesting in so many ways!…

  2. Thought these bad reviews were going to be funny but most of them are from people who honestly dislike the show for genuine reasons. So what?

  3. I agree with ‘Get over it.’ Your responses to simple variations in the opinions of others sound like those of a high school, possibly with learning disabilities. I love Sunny; it deserves better writing defending it.

  4. How I met your mother???! I’d rather be homeless and become addicted to crack.. always sunny is literally one of the best shows and still is because of the talented writers and actors 😆

  5. Idiots have no idea love the show can’t wait for the new season you guys rock keep it up can’t think of any episodes I haven’t liked

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