Rob McElhenney’s (Mac) New Movie: 10 Always Sunny Movies He Should Be Directing Instead

I’m sure the Minecraft movie is going to be a big hit, but these 10 Always Sunny themed movies would definitely be better.

Minecraft the movie is set to open in May 2019 with Rob McElhenney (Mac) directing and potentially staring Steve Carell. With this news, I couldn’t help but think, what Always Sunny inspired stories/absurdness should Rob make into a movie?

I mean, they would 100% be better than whatever the hell this movie is right?

Here are 10 that I think should be made. Let us know your ideas for Always Sunny movies.

#1 – Dayman: Ascension

A master of Karate, some people say. Some say he just wants friendship for everyone. But who is Dayman? And why is he fighting the Nightman? And who’s hole is being sold by a troll? This movie gives us the answers while telling us of the epic rise of the Dayman.

Prequel to follow…Dayman:Dawn of Light

#2 – D.E.N.N.I.S. 

The Dennis System

This movie would revolve around man who’s obsession with a proficient yet quite unhealthy dating system leaves him a barren man who decides that he will attempt to find love at any costs, whether it be his life or his sanity. This will be followed by the next movie on our list.

#3 – The Implication

This movie carries on with the man’s quest for love, but when he slowly slips into insanity, he begins to kidnap women on his boat. The man hopes that if he keeps these women with him in the middle of the ocean with no where to go they will eventually fall in love with him. You know, because of the implication. When the women do not fall in love with him, he commits numerous atrocities. This one will be fast to become your favorite thriller.


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