Rob McElhenney’s (Mac) New Movie: 10 Always Sunny Movies He Should Be Directing Instead

I’m sure the Minecraft movie is going to be a big hit, but these 10 Always Sunny themed movies would definitely be better.

#4 – The Rat King

I mean this could be a damn Disney movie. Man of no nobility or wealth slaughters his way to the top using a modified wooden bat to become a King. A local beer wench will be his queen, with a giant bird woman as his jester. You know, just your typical feel-good Disney story.

#5 – Kelly & Kelly: Attorneys at Bird Law

After a tragic bird massacre accident in which over 1000 protected Southern Pine Yellow Finches are engulfed in flames by a young man’s poorly extinguished camp fire, the young man is forced to hire the only firm that will take his case. Will they be able to over come their own challenges of being illiterate and cursed with oddly tiny hands to free the young man? Blockbuster! A Few Good Men, step aside.

#6 – The Show Must Go On

A showman who finds himself newly unemployed and divorced after working for the Ringling Brothers Circus for over 40 years. Hard on his luck, homeless, and taken to drink, the showman is forced to start a beauty contest from scratch. Eventually he falls in love with not one, not two, but 23 of the contestant’s mothers, who he claims are all “HOORS” but can’t find it in his heart to dump. But what is his true love? The Show or the 23 HOORS?


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