Rob McElhenney’s (Mac) New Movie: 10 Always Sunny Movies He Should Be Directing Instead

I’m sure the Minecraft movie is going to be a big hit, but these 10 Always Sunny themed movies would definitely be better.

#7 – BirdWoman

In this new superhero tale a terrible accident leaves a woman half bird half human. Our hero struggles with her new GODDAMN powers but eventually choses to fight heinous criminals like masterbatting homeless men in an attempt to finally make it as a reality tv star. But with CricketMan, a unkillable super villain, be able to stop her?

#8 – Kung Fat

A Kung Fu master is seriously injured during a crazy hostage situation and comes out of it alive but in a coma. After 3 years he wakes up to find out he’s fat as shit. He choses to fight his way back to the top of the Kung Fu world while still fat. At some point he falls in love with woman who has a penis. The END!

#9 – McPolye’s Rule

In this animated tale set in 1500’s England we follow one family’s struggle to gain power. The other royal families look down on the McPoyles for their odd ways and will not them marry into any of their lineages. This is basically a incestuous animated milk porno. HBO would probably eat it up.

#10 – Pepe Silvia

Who is Pepe Silvia? Man? Woman? Human? Alcoholic food? This mystery will have the audience staying “woke” as the kids like to say. One man thinks he is onto Pepe Silvia and has boxes of evidence to prove it! But will any of this evidence lead us to know a GODDAMN thing about Pepe Silvia? What does Carol know? Who fucking knows! DAY BOW BOW!


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