11 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Tattoos You Need to See

With 12 seasons in the books, you crazy ass fans have come up with some epic It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia inspired tattoos! Some are works of art and some are simple and to the point. All of them are badass and all of us true fans will appreciate them.

#1 – Is this a page from a coloring book?

This is one of my favorites because only IASIP fans will get this.  Everyone else will be confused as shit, but maybe you shouldn’t be friends with people who don’t watch the show…just saying.

#2 – Charlie Kelly Loves Cats

This tattoo might be the closest to resembling Charlie’s actual face than any tat of Charlie I have seen. From the shading of his face to the facial hair, this tat is perfect!

#3 – Dee, You Goddamn Bird!

This is another one where if you aren’t a fan, you will never get this. I wonder how often these people have to explain their tats to people. This one especially would be a fun one to explain.

#4 – The Trash Man

Everyone’s favorite 4’11 wrestler, who isn’t above seeking shelter in a dumpster, throwing his baby in a dumpster, or slicing Crickets jugular with a trash can. Again, this artist nailed the face. Awesome tat!

#5 – Frank the Troll

This person won’t have to pay any tolls to get into any holes anytime soon. Add this to the list of hard to explain tattoos.

#6 – You Know…Because of the Implication

This is one of the better Dennis tattoos I’ve seen as far as getting this face right. Oh and because of the implication.

#7 – The Implication: Part 2

Now this is straight art! This one is for sure in the running for my favorite Always Sunny tats. It’s comical and whimsical but I love it!

#8 – Simplicity at its Finest

This tattoo is perfect for someone who really wants a tat but doesn’t want something too crazy and is afraid of needles. You could hide this one somewhere pretty well too.

#9 – Bird Law

If I was a lawyer I would have no choice but to get this tattoo. Hopefully I wouldn’t be a bird law expert like Charlie, but I might dabble in some bird law cases.

#10 – RUM HAM

Eating your drinks? That is genius!  Big fan of the color on this one. I have a feeling there are a few rum ham tats out there in the world and this might be the best one.

#11 – Pepe Silvia

CAROLLLLLLLLL!!!!  This one might be my favorite because the Pepe Silvia episode was top 5 all time and because of how intricate this tattoo is. Someone put a whole lot of thought into this one and I applaud that.

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