12 Favorite It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Gifs

A list of my 12 favorite Always Sunny gifs that I use most often on Facebook and Twitter.

#4 – Jobbies

One of the most relevant gifs for Always Sunny fans. JUST GET A JOB!

#3 – Addicted to crack

I hope this gif isn’t as relevant as the the job one, but this was a hilarious scene and a great gif.

#2 – Butt Dance

The butt dance is featured as the #2 gif not only because of how hilarious it is, but Charlie’s face after he does the dance. So funny!

#1 – Charlie’s block

We’re not convinced that Charlie isn’t really NBA player Josh McRoberts and his amazing block in this gif isn’t helping.

My #1 It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia gif is Charlie’s block on the kid when he was being a referee in the basketball game during the episode The Gang Gives Back.

This gif is relevant all the time. Use it and enjoy!

Do you have a favorite It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia gif? Post it in the comments and maybe I’ll update my list with some honorable mentions.


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