Gordon Ramsay Almost Burns Sweet Dee…Accident or Ingredient?

As this video shows, Sweet Dee (Kaitlin Olson) was recently on famous chef Gordon Ramsay’s new show and almost got cooked! At first I thought, “oh what an almost horrible accident!” However, upon further review, I now believe that Chef Ramsay might have been trying to prepare a poultry dish. Lets face it folks, Sweet Dee is a GOD DAMN BIRD!

Ramsay most likely just caught a whiff of her potentially savory wings and decided to make up a delicious large bird inspired meal. What kind of dish could he have had in mind?

Maybe a scrumptious Duck Confit would do the trick.

Chef Ramsay might decide to go with a truly delightful Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Wanting to go on the more of the wild side, Chef Ramsay could select this gamey, yet delicate dish, Pheasant Normandy.

But what really encapsulates Sweet Dee? What dish could best bring out all of the bird like features of Dee’s and put them into the forefront? Well if you guessed Turkey burger…you would be wrong…please leave!

This dish would clearly be a Festive Fruity Ostrich Fan Filet Roast! Duh! She’s a GOD DAMN OSTRICH!


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