Another Always Sunny/Game of Thrones Connection…Shit is Getting Weird

Will We See Dragons in Season 13 of IASIP?

So, last week we learned that Jon Snow is a big advocate of the D.E.N.N.I.S. System and used it on his Red Headed Wildling whose name I can’t remember because it was probably weird AF. If you want a refresher on that click here.

Then, Sunday’s episode of GOT’s happened and it was a GODDAMN roller coaster, but not like a safe roller coaster you’d encounter at Six Flags/Disney but like one you would create in the old Sim Coaster/Roller Coaster Tycoon pc game where you’d run out of money to finish the coaster and the tracks would just end mid air.

Shit was intense! Many people are saying (Trump voice) that it was a top 3 episode. By the time I came off my Dragon high it was Tuesday and I find out that the director of the episode is none other than Always Sunny Director/Exec Matt Shakman!

Now, we just need Charlie and Frank to make cameos on the show and I might be having some Cialis type of shit where I have to see a doctor….I’m talking 6 hour boners folks…

I really don’t understand how it didn’t hit me earlier that Shakman was the director. It was pretty obvious with this scene…


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