Always Sunny Meets Star Wars: Episode 2

Hilarious Star Wars/Always Sunny Mashup Memes

Last week I went down the rabbit hole of Always Sunny/Star Wars Youtube videos and they were pretty hilarious (see link). Well that experience introduced me to the world of Sunny/SW’s Intro memes. There is one guy in particular that puts a lot of these together and you can find him on Tumblr.

Here are some of my favorites…

This one is great because I know for a fact that there are 35-40% of Star Wars fans that would legit get off to this.

He sure as shit did! Anakin (Darth Vader, as he was by this point) to younglings is basically the same as Charlie to rats. Just bashes them all.

He is a GOLDEN GOD who’s rage knows no bounds!

Shit…too soon. V uncomfortable with this one. But you Dark Siders will giggle on this one.

GODDAMN you Han! You dumb bitch!

This one I’m not all in on. I feel like there were about 100 scenes where he was way more “retarded” than this scene, but yeah, still pretty terrible.

I’d like to see some more of these from the newest two movies. If anyone has any sunny/sw shit slide into our dm’s. I eat this shit up.


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