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BREAKING NEWS! The Gang is Coming Back!

And You Thought Dennis Peaked! He Hasn’t Even Begun to Peak!

Winter is Coming…Shit…DENNIS…IS COMING BACK!

I can hardly contain my boyish glee. I’ve already thrown all my spray paint cans and glue away. Tried to wash my huffin’ sock but it didn’t clean up, so I threw that shit out too. No need for them.

Charlie Glue

This all stems from two interviews that the gang have given in the last few days. The first one was from Dee in which she said that not only was this hiatus planned all along to give everyone time to do side shit. In the same interview, that beautiful bird bitch also said that the gang will start filming in the spring 2018.

I COULD KISS HER! But, I won’t because the last thing I need in my life right now is some crazy ass Spanish bird flu.

On second thought…I’m not above that!

Dee is a Rockstar

The second interview I saw was from our beautifully bearded love child, Charlie.

He said, “and talking with Glenn, I know he still has a lot of love for the show and wants to do the show.”

While I’m not sure who the fuck Glenn is, I’m assuming that’s just some kind of nick-name for Dennis! Charlie also said that we haven’t seen he last of Dennis Reynolds and that its possible that they could start filming with Dennis coming in at some point.

The biggest tell was that Charlie stated he wouldn’t want to do the show if Dennis wasn’t coming back. Well, then why would they start filming in Spring time!?!?! HMMM!

Charlie Scenes

Reading between the lines here, but I’m ready to declare Always Sunny officially back GODDAMNIT!

And if you don’t think so…

All right, later dudes, S you in your A’s, don’t wear a C, and J all over your B’s!



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  1. Hello how are you i love fucking danny davito he is like a father to me like hitler was i really really want to thank you sir for bringing this back my life has joy now and i have content to jerk off to so once agian thank you very much

    -glowing regards
    professional retard

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