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  • The Implication

    Sunny Horror! It’s All About the Implications

    A few weeks ago I proposed some Always Sunny movies that should be made. One of these movies was about a deranged man who’s dating system leaves him lonely with his ever fleeting sanity (D.E.N.N.I.S.). It was followed up by a sequel called “The Implication” which carried on with the man’s downward spiral into insanity. […] More

  • Frank Nikki Potnick

    But Her Nametag!: In Support of the Nikki Potnick/Waitress Theory

    If you are a “true” Sunny fan… you are probably already pissed off at me for the mere concept of this article. A seemingly endless argument among Sunny fans is about whether The Waitress’ real name is Nikki Potnick. Although this has been refuted by co-writer and actor Glenn Howerton (twice), discussed on multiple blog […] More