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  • Dee Made a Smut Film

    Charlie doing his Grieco character in Dee Made a Smut Film is hilarious

    I love when Charlie goes into character (Viet God Damn Nam is what happened!) and starts acting like someone else. His Richard Grieco character in Dee Made a Smut Film is one of my favorites because he completely screws up Mac’s plan. His use of “hella” is the only acceptable use and the discussion around his sweet […] More

  • Season 11 Poll

    The Best Episode of Season 11

    This year we got to experience a range of different types of episodes in season 11 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Chardee MacDennis returned in the first episode, Mac and Dennis had their own special episode, we got to see things from Frank’s point of view, Charlie ate some paint, and Mac admitted he […] More