Charlie Day Answers All Your Burning Questions

Charlie Day answers questions you’ve been typing into Google. For example, does Charlie Day…

It turns out that like me, the entire Internet is infatuated with Charlie Day. WIRED recently sat Charlie down to answer some of the most burning questions people have been typing into Google by checking what shows up in the autocomplete.

The video is embedded below and it is definitely worth a watch. Charlie seems to be a pretty private person so you could tell there were some questions that he did not really want to answer (and gave vague answers to), but there were also a lot of dumb questions that he was happy to entertain.

Charlie Day Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions with WIRED

It’s hard to tell if Charlie really enjoyed doing the video, but I thought it was fun and I learned a thing or two about Charlie…like that he was in The Notebook and he could be a figure skater.

Oh, and that he really thinks it’s odd that we’re so infatuated with him.

He talks a few times about his college and commencement speech. If you have not seen it, it’s amazing.


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