Charlie and Ice Cube in a Fist Fight?

Charlie Day and Ice Cube fight it out in an upcoming movie!

Charlie has lined up a pretty awesome new opportunity in a movie called Fist Fight. He’ll play an English teacher who is challenged to a fist fight by a fellow teacher, played by Ice Cube, who thinks Charlie is trying to get him fired. Obviously Ice Cube is going to play a tough guy teacher and it’s likely Charlie will be his normal Charlie self, unsure of how to get himself out of the situation he has been put in.

He’s nailed this same role in multiple movies now with Horrible Bosses and Pacific Rim.

Charlie Day in Horrible Bosses

The movie is a comedy (of course) by New Line Cinema. Charlie and Ice Cube are both pretty funny so we’re expecting it to do well. They’re hoping to begin filming in the fall. We’re definitely looking forward to watching Charlie and Ice Cube fight it out.

The film will be in theaters on February 17, 2017. We’ve included both official trailers released so far below!

Official Fist Fight Trailer

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