Charlie Day with Long Hair is WEIRD

But, I feel like I’ve seen this before…

Charlie Day was one of many celebrities to post awkward pre-teen photos of themselves on social media last week for the PuberMe Challenge started by Stephen Colbert and actor Nick Kroll.

They’re using the campaign as a platform to raise awareness and money for Puerto Rico.

There were a ton of awesome and hilarious photos posted by tons of different celebrities, but obviously Charlie was our favorite.

Charlie Day Young

He posted 3 photos on his Instagram and they’re amazing.

Charlie with guitar

It’s not surprising that one included Charlie with his guitar. I wonder what song he was practicing. Love the harmonica too.

But, my personal favorite photo Charlie posted has to be this epic one.

Charlie with long hair

Charlie Day with long hair????? WEIRDDDDDDD! But so awesome. Kind of reminds me of the Lethal Weapon movies.

Charlie Long Hair

If you’re looking for more young Charlie, check out how he looked when they did the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia pilot.


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