Charlie Day is NOT an Eagles Fan

Charlie Day is not an Eagles fan, but he says Charlie Kelly is.

If you’re like me, then you consider yourself one of the biggest It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fans of all-time. Because of my love for the show and the characters in it, some might consider me a bit obsessed.

Just let the wild card do his thing alright?

Needless to say, I was a bit distressed when I found out that my beloved Charlie Day is NOT an Eagles fan. Nope, he’s a Patriots fan (he grew up in Rhode Island). You’d figure the Green Man would be an Eagles fan right?

Well, technically the Green Man is because Charlie says that his character, Charlie Kelly, is most definitely an Eagles fan.

Don’t worry Charlie, we don’t hate you.

Charlie also discussed a Game of Thrones / Always Sunny crossover. Unfortunately, Game of Thrones just isn’t quite big-time enough yet.

Video Proof

P.S. Remember the episode when Dennis, Mac, and Dee tried out of the Eagles? Name that episode in the comments. First to comment wins!


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