Charlie…A Gift from the Gif Gods

One of my favorite things about Charlie Kelly is that he provides me with a gif for literally any situation I run into in life. Here are some of my most used Charlie gifs that I will text or tweet. I’m sure you guys have used them too. I’ll also throw in some other Gifs that I just find hilarious, because why not.

This is my number one! My all time favorite. Its got everything you need in a Charlie gif, famous black horse shirt, crazy looking face, and pure rabid excitement. “Hey man, you wanna grab some beers?”…Send this gif. “I’ll grab some Chick-fil-A for us on the way home”…Perfect time for this gif.  “I’m off my period”…Yep…Send it! “Well I just took the test and I’m NOT pregnant.”…Send it as you emulate Charlie.

A new favorite of mine as of late. It works in a variety of situations as well. “Bro did you take a shit before you left the apartment?” “Babe did you remember to grab condoms? You know now I feel about not using them.” “Did you see what Trump just tweeted?”

This gif comes from one of my favorite episodes and my favorite scenes from the episode. Charlie all hopped up on steroids/testosterone will always be hilarious. “Is it cool if my ex-boyfriend comes to the party tonight?” “I accidentally smoked the rest of the bud last night”

I mean if you have a significant other that is cool, you could use this one in a myriad of sexual situations. Other than that I’m sure it would still work for your casual psychopathic conversations.  “Hey you still have that chainsaw?” “So I’m on a date with this guy and he seems like a serial killer.”  “You want to carve the turkey?”

Obvious use of this one. Can be used for anything that makes you sad. “Did you hear that Glenn might not come back to the show? I heard they might not come back and if they do it might not be until Oct 18.”

This is one is simple and to the point and perfect for your everyday responses. “I’ll bring the beer.”  “I got the tickets.” “You still down to go to the strip club tonight?”

Another all time favorite! This one can be used for a lot of fashion questions you might get. “Hey you know what you’re going to wear tonight?” “Is it warm enough for shorts?” “Are Jorts in or out?”

Here are just a bunch of other hilarious Charlie gifs because I’ve gone down the rabbit hole.

And of course…


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