18 Amazing Charlie Kelly Motivational Posters

Some of your favorite Charlie quotes turned into motivational posters.

Charlie Kelly has said some hilarious things on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Every fan loves Charlie and knows most of his more popular quotes.

Well, it turns out if you take Charlie’s quotes like “bird law in this country is not governed by reason” (#14 on our list) and create a motivational poster out of it…it’s pretty funny!

Check out these 18 and post any awesome other ones you find in the comments.

#1 – Classic Tammy

That’s Tammy, Trey’s ex-girlfriend. This is classic Tammy. Trey broke up with Tammy because Maureen Kanallen said that she saw Tammy flirting with Walt Timny at a party, but she was only doing it to make Trey jealous because you know, she thought that Trey secretly liked Erin Henebry, but he doesn’t like Erin Henebry, it was all a bunch of bull.

#2 – Taked baby

Taked baby. Meet at later bar. Night or day sometime.

#3 – Smack everyone

I’m going to smack everyone into tiny little pieces.

#4 – Rock, flag, and eagle

I’m gonna rise up, I’m gonna kick a little ass, Gonna kick some ass in the USA, Gonna climb a mountain, Gonna sew a flag, Gonna fly on an Eagle, I’m gonna kick some butt, I’m gonna drive a big truck, I’m gonna rule this world, Gonna kick some ass, Gonna rise up, Kick a little ass, ROCK, FLAG AND EAGLE!

#5 – Gay for god

I’ve got a confession: I’m in love with a man. What? I’m in love with a man. A man called God. Does that make me gay? Am I gay for God? You betcha.

#6 – Stickers

I eat stickers all the time, dude.


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