Charlie and The Waitress Forever: Charlie Says No Thanks to Bella Thorne

As we all know, Charlie is a hunk of Ghoul loving, Milksteak eating, Rat bashing, man meat! From his high pitch, angelic voice to the way his booty looks while doing his famous “Butt Dance”, Charlie is quite the catch.

Charlie Pretty Sweet Deal

Recently Charlie has gained a new member of the Wild Card Club (not sure if thats an actual club or not but, damnit, it should be) and she’s looking to marry our beloved abortion survivor.

bella thorne charlie day tweet

Thats right! Former Disney star, now must watch celeb on snapchat, Bella Thorne wants to marry Charlie Day. Who can blame her really? The only problem is Charlie is still madly in love with the Waitress and no amount of fish net shirts or hair color changes can change that.

Add Thorne to the list of disappointed people who will never get to play Nightcrawlers with our sweet prince.

…he did leave the door open for a sister wives arrangement…


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