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Get Your IASIP Fix: Charlie and the Waitress on Instagram

Because We Still Got 15+ Months Till IASIP Is Back

With our favorite show on hiatus for at least 15 more months, I’m on the lookout for anything I can to quench my Sunny thirst. A good place to start for any Always Sunny fan is Charlie and the Waitress’ Instagram accounts.

@Charliedayofficial and @Meellisday

Sunday Song #whynot

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While Charlie doesn’t post all that much (once every couple weeks or so) what he does post is usually pretty entertaining. A lot of what he posts is fan created stuff which is pretty cool. So create some Charlie related shit and you might get it on his insta account.

and for all of you Charlie groupies (all of us) check out this sexy piece of man meat!

Some of you might need a mop.

The Waitress (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) posts good shit more frequently and gives us a glimpse at their relationship. Which for some of you might not be something you want to see.

I wasn’t jealous of the waitress at all…but in a strange turn of events I might now be jealous of Charlie…

HELLO! OH Shit! She was 17 in this pic! Damn!

Not so fast though! Before you judge me, she was 17 in Mississippi and the age of consent has to be at least 16…unless you’re blood related in which case its 14. Listen, don’t look at me. I didn’t make the laws. Not my fault Mississippi is into that.

Overall, I think they are worth the follow. Always cool to see into the lives of our favorite stars. I mean look at this cute ass couple. This is from 2001!


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