Charlie’s Doppelgänger? Or Brother: Giant Bangs Charlie’s Mom

Charlie’s family, while a little unorthodox, appears to be quite small. Right?

In season 1, it appears that Charlie has younger twin sisters (watch Charlie Got Molested). However, after season 1, we don’t hear anything about any other siblings (except for Dumpster Baby for an episode).

Frank is Charlie’s dad and I refuse to hear anything to the contrary. Frank and Charlie’s mom banged and after finding out that Charlie’s mom was pregnant, Frank told her to get an abortion.

Charlie, by the grace of Mac’s Jesus, survived heroically to become the glue sniffing, magnet loving nightcrawler that we all love today.

So, Charlie’s family tree looks more like a stump, much like Frank’s body. Well, at least I thought so until it was brought to my attention that a certain NBA player and former Duke star looks like he could be Charlie’s twin!

Josh McRoberts is too young to be Charlie’s twin but damnit they have to be brothers…just look!

Some of you might be thinking “well its just a show and this guy is a real person and why is this dude writing an article about fictional characters potentially birthing this real person?” Well, I WISH YOU WOULD JUST SHUT YOUR BIG YAPPER!!!!! I’m not sure how much longer this ride we have been on for 12 seasons is going to last.

According to Frank, Charlie’s mom was one GIANT WHORE! Charlie himself told us about how every Christmas, Santa would come and visit his mom’s bedroom. So, it is entirely possible that a giant man banged Charlie’s mom. I mean how else do you explain Josh McRoberts looking like a 6’10” Charlie!?!?


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