Cricket and Blake Anderson (Workaholics) Make a Por…Family Comedy?!?!

Anyone Else Want to Leave Sunny for Greener Pastures?

Rickety Cricket

They came first for Charlie, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a King of Rats.

Then they came for Dee, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a GODDAMN Bird Bitch.

Then they came for Dennis, and didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Golden God or a Five Star Man.

Then they came for Me, and by that time no one was left to speak up. –Rickety Cricket

Rickety Cricket

Yes, it seems as if the world has collapsed around us. Everyone has started new shows or is now starring in new movies. Well at least it seemed like everyone had, but we still had our piece of man meat, the Street Rat himself, Cricket.

He wasn’t getting his gross face licked by Jennifer Anniston. He wasn’t starring in a new hit comedy show away from everyone else. He wasn’t colluding with Patton GODDAMN Son of a Bitch Oswald on a new bullshit show.

Sidebar…Does anyone know if that son of a bitch Patton Oswald is related to Lee Harvey Oswald? Many people are saying that they were very close.

However chaotic, the Cricket has been there for us throughout his own insane life journey. He was our ride or die bitch. Until now…

It seems that our beloved street urchin and talented kettle drum player is currently teaming up with Blake Anderson from Workaholics, on a new CBS comedy.

Both Cricket and Blake will star and produce the new show that is being described as an “untitled single camera comedy”. Cricket is set to play an uptight dad, who’s ex wife remarries a young “free spirited” man, aka goddamn Hippie, played by Blake. Sound great right? WRONG, you bird, you stupid stupid bird!

I can’t help but feel abused once again. Another piece of our beautiful puzzle is lost. I would like to think of this as if we are Cricket’s parents dropping him off at his dorm for his freshman year. A mix of hope and pride. But, I just cannot find it in myself to feel good about this. Cricket is yet another boyfriend dumping us after he got a whiff of another potential fan base. That Bastard!

However, the show must go on and we still got Frank!


…breaks online blogging crazed fan character…

I was a fan of Workaholics and think Blake is pretty damn funny. I’m looking forward to seeing the show and I think Hornsby will do just fine. Being on CBS might be a challenge and might make the show ultimately a little too family friendly, thus making it SHITE. I hope its good, but I’m pretty skeptical at this point. Viva La Cricket!

Cricket sand


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