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Danny DeVito Almost Drowned Filming Season 11 of Always Sunny

I would assume he’d just float to the top, but apparently I was wrong!

Ever since Danny DeVito decided to join the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia gang, he’s had to undergo a load of strange situations, from crawling on the ground covered in hand sanitizer to popping out of a couch naked.

Frank couch

But there was one particular scene in season 11 that could’ve drowned him.

Despite the fact Danny was 70 at the time, he agreed to film the underwater scene for the season finale which required him to be held down underwater with a harness due to the fact that he’s incredibly buoyant.

Charlie Day explained the incident in an episode of Conan.

It was hard to get him down so we really had to weigh him down to get the shot where we’re all holding hands underwater and when the shot was over and we were all trying to get back to the surface for air, we all quickly got through the water but because we weighed him down he sort of got half way and was going nowhere.

Danny and the gang also talked about it on ExtraTV:

Danny was successfully rescued by safety divers and shortly after went straight home.

Hopefully we’ll get to see Frank participating in some more crazy antics in the delayed upcoming season, but nothing crazy enough that we may lose our beloved Trash Man.


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