Danny DeVito to Voice Detective Pikachu?

What is and what should never be. Sadly our beloved Danny DeVito doesn’t know what the hell Pokemon is.

Last year, the lovely fans of Always Sunny started a petition on for our beloved Danny DeVito to voice the English version of Great Detective Pikachu, a game launched by Nintendo for the 3DS.

Fans wanted it but not only because it would be simply hilarious, but also because a lot of people genuinely believed he would’ve really been a good choice, seeing as how this would be the first Pokemon game to feature the electric rodent speaking words other than his own name.

Great Detective Pikachu

Sadly, the petition only received 51,212 of the required 75,000 signatures, falling short by only 23,788 signatures.

Even if it had reached it’s goal it was still not confirmed that Danny would do the voice, especially after hearing what he had to say about Pokemon at a screening of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia at The Paley Center for Media.

When asked if Devito would be voicing Detective Pikachu, he not only responded with “no”, but also made sure to throw in “What the f is Pokemon?”


I’m sure that’s all gamers needed to hear to lose all hope of the miracle ever happening.

Despite the fact Danny delivered a hard no to all the fans, there has still been a video made (below) of what the masterpiece would’ve looked like. Do you think DeVito would’ve made a suitable voice for Detective Pikachu? You don’t even have to answer that, of course you do.


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