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Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad and We Find Out Charlie’s Dad

Let’s hop in a time machine and head all the way back August 17, 2006 when Dennis and Dee got a new dad.

One sec guys. I’ll start the article in a second. First, I’m trying to revamp my MySpace page…

Looking back at this season 2 episode from August 17, 2006, I’m thoroughly enjoying all the old stuff. MySpace, the old computer, Frank and Charlie, and so much more.

Computers are for losers.

Frank finding out he’s not Dennis and Dee’s dad…

This scene is one of the all-time best between Frank, Dennis, and Dee. Let’s take a look at the scene and then I’ll break it down.

First off, the use the word retard. I’m not big on the r word, but the execution in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is great. Always Sunny has always walked the line and honestly, I remember being shocked by them saying retard. With the recent seasons, it shouldn’t be a surprise, but this was so early in the show.



Frank just exploding with rage and the direction this scene went was top 5 up to this point for sure.

Mac and Charlie trying to connect with Luther

Mac and Luther are hilarious. This episode pulls Charlie into the circle (where he stays throughout the series with these two) and I think it’s hilarious.

  • Smuggling heroin through your anus.
  • Charlie and Mac getting hard.
  • I don’t want to be his friend. I want to shoot him in the face.

I want to shoot


Are these my beautiful children?

Bruce and Fam

The fact that Dee and Mac have this new dad is amazing and then when you find out who Bruce is, it just keeps getting better.

Nature vs Nurture: Dee and Dennis are all nurture. They try to play Bruce though and I enjoyed all that. However, one of my favorite Bruce scenes does not involve Dee and Dennis.

Charlie freaking out and taking Bruce’s picture while huffing Elmer’s glue.

I’m a Charlie fanboy, but this scene was hilarious. Then, when they go back to Frank’s car and fake the bashing, so amazing. Tie it to the rats in the future.

We bashed him so good!

Mrs. Reynolds

Dennis and Dee’s mom is the same as them. Going after the money. Hilarious.

The kids gonna die anyway.


Bruce is bummed that his family really sucks, but they’re all hilarious and all the same. It’s really a brilliant episode when this all comes back to Reynolds being Reynolds.

The Finale

Frank is done with Dee and Dennis, but then he hooks up with his old one night stand…

Frank’s one night stand was Bonnie Kelly. So epic. And now we know Charlie’s dad is Frank. Even more epic.

Frank Bonnie and Charlie


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