Dennis’ New Job? WTF is This Trash?

I Guess This Is What Doing Something Different Looks Like (Video)

Seriously though…what the actual shit is this? When I first saw this I thought “hmm Glenn is doing weird cologne commercials now…thats odd.” But then I figured out that this is some sort of music video for some band I’ve never heard of.

Dennis Upset

Now some of you GODDAMN hipsters are undoubtedly going to be all pissed off that I don’t know who Portugal.The Man is but listen, I don’t give a shit. You should understand that

A. I care about two things in this world, Charlie and IASIP, and…

B. Glenn is trying to ruin both of those beautiful things.

Maybe Glenn has been in a few of these Spain.The Woman videos. I’ll let the hipsters tell me off about how Glenn is a huge fan of this band and has been in like 931 of their videos.

Either way, we have a longgggggggggggggggggg time before season 13 may or may not happen, so I guess we just have to take what we can get from the gang while they are gone from us. Be it this weird music video that looks like an advertisement, the goddamn bird getting cooked by Gordon Ramsay, Mac directing a new Minecraft movie, or Charlie having a weird tabloid sister wives situation with the Waitress and Bella Thorne (hope it turns into an adult film…I’m talking Porn folks!)


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  1. Going to say this despite all the backlash I’ll be getting from the fanbase – If Danny Devito passes away during this ignorant and ridiculous hiatus (keep in mind season 12 bore some of the BEST RATINGS in the shows entire history) the cast seemingly insists on taking (most likely mostly Glenn, possibly also Kaitlin Olsen, although she managed to film 17 episodes of The Mick last year while filming Always Sunny), I’m never watching the show again. Danny is a staple of the show, without his character Frank the show wouldn’t have gone this far, guaranteed. Just look up the shows greatest moments, few of which are from season one, and almost all include Danny. The man is 72 years old, regardless of whether he has health issues at this moment (and yes, I realize anyone can die at any moment, blah blah, but who’s more at risk of death, a 72 year old or the rest of the main cast between 40-41 and all in great physical shape?) it’s an entire year and a half hiatus, so much can change in that time and so many celebrities, even active celebrities and most younger than 72, have passed away in the last few years without any sign of active health issues. If they don’t at least consider this and film a goodbye episode in the case he passes away, I’m gonna have absolutely no respect for the rest of the show’s cast. It would be bad enough not get one more season with him, let alone an episode. To add on to what I said earlier, I get that they feel they need to expand beyond these characters as actors, but I don’t see a good reason for the hiatus with how few episodes they’ve put out in each season throughout the last few years. It’s just silly.

  2. Dude, PTM are dope. They do a cover of the Day Man song in their live sets. Check it out on YouTube.

    That and the fact that they used Glenn in their music video leads me to believe that they are probably huge IASIP fans.

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