Do You Want to Laugh? Open This and Danny Will Crack You Up!

Danny Is a National Treasure

As a Bears fan, I could honestly not care any less about this Super Bowl. Once the Pats won, I basically stopped caring about football. I won’t care until right before the draft this spring. The Pats will undoubtedly smash the shit out of the Eagles which leaves us with one saving grace. Commercials! Obviously the Sunny aspect of the Eagles being in the Super Bowl should lead to some funny shit. However, the commercials are gonna put asses in couches for this Super Bowl.

You can imagine my excitement when I saw that Danny tweeted a preview of a commercial for M&M’s that he’s in. Had no clue what the ad would look like or how Danny would fit in, but GODDAMN! This shit is hilarious!

Are you kidding me dude? You put Danny DeVito, FRANK, in a vat of chocolate and just let him just  disgustingly roll around in it? Seriously? I’m very cool with that. In fact, this might be my favorite version of Nightcrawlers yet.

Needless to say, I’m now very excited for the Super Bowl. Give me 1-2 minutes of Danny rolling around in chocolate and you got me. What if this is some scheme, where the rest of the gang will jump in there with him and announce that they are officially coming back? Holy Shit! “What is going on up here?”


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