Everyone Needs a Danny DeVito Life Size Cutout

I found a hidden gem on Amazon and you’re going to love it.

So, I made a pretty amazing discovery today that I believe may be a game changer for me.

Amazon sells life size Danny DeVito cutouts!

Danny DeVito Life Size Cutout

They have 2 sizes:

  • Life Size Cutout – $79.97
  • Mini Cutout – $19.97

Danny is a small guy so I don’t get the pricing on the life size one, but I really can’t think of a better way to spend $79.97 either.

Now, like me, you may have some questions about this amazing purchase you’re considering. If you head down to the Customer Questions & Answers section on the Amazon listing, you’ll likely find your answers. For example, here are a few questions that have already been answered:

Is this a real Danny DeVito?
Only if you feed him after 12 – By Joshua Abraham on October 15, 2016

Are you shure that it isnt life size?
The mini one isn’t life size but is still big enough to absorb my fears like a Danny Devito dream catcher. – By Amazon Customer on December 14, 2016

Of course, the most important thing before purchasing your very own Danny DeVito cutout is to read the reviews. I believe this one will settle all our fears:

Just when I think I am having a bad day or need some justification I am doing my best I just have to look back and Mini Danny Devito assures me I am doing fine. His look of assurance. It really has an aura. I recommend this for anyone thinking about hiring a life coach.

They included this amazing picture of their Mini Danny in a carseat.

Danny DeVito Mini Cutout

So, what are you waiting for? Order your Danny cutout for your home, office, dorm, or wherever you need a troll man and send us a picture!

>> Order your Danny DeVito cutout on Amazon here <<

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