Fat Mac Has a Point, But Do Characters Really Get Better Looking?

I miss fat Mac, I miss him so GOD DAMN much! But that is a shit ton of calories. We’re talking like olympic swimmer amount of calories. Offensive Linemen for the Eagles eat less than Fat Mac did and they are all like 6’7” 320lbs. I guess we are just lucky that Rob didn’t have a grabber at any point during the Fat Mac stage of his life.

Fat Mac Eating Ice Cream

I do love his point about characters on shows getting better looking over time. Lets take a look at that.

First up Elaine Benes

DAYYYYYUM Elaine! Can’t believe she ended up becoming VEEP. Thats wild!

Dr. Ross…You salt and pepper haired God!

I mean 20 years later he’s still looking good and with a new career. A Doctor turned Astronaut? Thats how you get women folks.

Charlie Kelly…Our Alpha…and Omega…Our Giver of Light…

Has Charlie changed much? I don’t know you tell me. Is being a bird law expert naked in bed with the waitress enough to prove how hot he’s gotten over the years? I rest my case!

Lizzy? Is that you?

I have no idea what Lizzie is up to these days….Ok stop. Was this whole exercise just a thinly veiled attempt to be able to look up and post the new hot on the streets Hillary Duff photos of her big ass? Yes. There I admitted it ok. There’s a lot of booty and nostalgia wrapped up in this one for me and I refuse to pass up a shot…i’m not Lebron.

Point is, yes Mac has a point. Characters usually age perfectly. I would argue most of the Always Sunny cast has as well. Well, except for maybe Frank…too many naked sewer adventures looking for coins and rings.

Frank gif


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