What is your favorite It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia season opener?

Share your favorite and least favorite in the comments below!

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia premiered season 12 this past Wednesday with an episode that has gotten mixed reviews, The Gang Turns Black.

The season opener last year, Chardee MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo, was one of the top rated and most viewed episodes of the entire series so far. I’m a big fan of both Chardee MacDennis episodes and it appears I’m not the only one.

However, season 9 opened with The Gang Broke Dee, which is one of the lowest rated episodes.

So, what is your favorite season opener of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and what is your least favorite?

Favorite Sunny Opener

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season Openers

  1. The Gang Gets Racist
  2. Charlie Gets Crippled
  3. The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby
  4. Mac and Dennis: Manhunters
  5. The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis
  6. Mac Fights Gay Marriage
  7. Frank’s Pretty Woman
  8. Pop-Pop: The Final Solution
  9. The Gang Broke Dee
  10. The Gang Beats Boggs
  11. Chardee MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo
  12. The Gang Turns Black

Post your answers in the comments below. We’ll be picking a few commenters and sending them Amazon gift cards 🙂


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  1. My least favorite opener was 5 the Mortgage Crisis, but my most favorite is season 9 the Gang Broke Dee, literally one of my favorite to rewatch! can’t wait for the rest of this season, I’m so stoked!!

  2. My favorite from a more recent season is when Frank Retires. I love how he tells the gang he’s going to retire and your tricked into believing they’re sad. It holds for so long, you think it’s going to cut to the theme, then they all start celebrating. Classic. I think my favorite though is when Dee has a Heart Attack. Frank has his leg hicked up on the bar smoking a bong: “Download me a Hoagie”

  3. My favorite season opener is :” The gang broke Dee” from season 9.
    Indeed, because we see Dee point of view, we are as surprise as she is at the end. And i like that line:” i am so ugly i can’t even get a bus to hit on me!.”

  4. Frank’s Pretty Woman is my favorite one! The Gang Beats Boggs is a close second.
    Least favorite is the new one: The Gang Turns Black.

  5. My favorite is The Gang broke Dee. Because i am Dee. even though it’s one of the lowest rated episodes.. I loved the twist and how we got to see more of her than anyone really wanted to see, ha

  6. I like alot of the season openers but if I had to pick a favourite, it would have to be The Gang Beats Boggs. It’s so funny and the concept for that episode was brilliant and well played out! My least favourite would have to be Pop-Pop: The Final Solution, it was good at the time when I first watched it but looking back it kinda lacks the punch that an episode of IASIP has.

  7. I think Charlie gets crippled has to be one of my favorite season openers, but you really can’t go wrong with any on this list!!

  8. Frank’s little beauties!!!!!
    When frank falls on his face and is all jacked up. Man! I wish I could relive the first time I saw it. Still funny today but I laughed so hard the first time.

  9. It’s gotta be Frank’s Pretty Woman. It nails the Always Sunny tone perfectly while like elevating the show to a darker level. It feels so promising at the start and then just doubles down on the horrible greatness of the show.

  10. Frank’s Pretty Woman crushes it for me. The way it starts to the way it ends is absolute gold.
    “I never had crack before.”
    “DUDE, you, are, going, to, LOVE it.”

  11. The Gang Broke Dee. Rewatched it the other day and cant help but still be shocked by the ending, in a funny way. Also has rise to a lot of Kaitlin Olson acting gagging, which is somehow some of the most convincing acting I have ever seen.

    Great ep for all the characters, especially Dennis, whose controlling narcissism is as quintisentially Dennis as ever.

  12. #11 was the best (10, 9, 7, 5, 4 all close seconds) (8, 6, 3 also decent)

    #12 wasn’t unwatchable, but not very good

  13. Definitely Mac & Dennis: Manhunters. Love Charlie’s and Dee’s cannibalism sideplot. Frank’s Pretty Woman is a close second.

  14. For me, it’s definitely season 7, Frank’s Pretty Woman. It’s a pretty great encapsulation of the show as a whole, and it’s the introduction of Fat Mac!

  15. 11. Chardee Macdennis 2: Electric Boogaloo for sure is my favorite season opener. Almost tied with The Gang Broke Dee!! I’ve been an Always Sunny fan since the first season! My friends 2 kids & my 2 kids use to say Simon is the muscle, Jaycee is the brains, Molly is the looks & Malley is the “Wild Card”. Their ages ranged from about 3 to 8 at the time. We never let them watch it that young but they heard us talking about it so much they formed their “own gang”! That’s by far still our favorite episode, where they go door to door selling gas & Charlie jumps outta the van at the end. Now my oldest daughter is 18 & she wanted a green man suit for Christmas last year! #diehardAlwaysSunnyFansfromday1🙌🏻

  16. The Gang Beats Boggs is the best season opener ever. Tied for best episode ever with The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis.

  17. Clearly The Gang Beats Boggs.

    Pretty much set a precedence for season 10.

    Sex, drugs, booze, felonys and the legendary “they got chicken in Philly?” That captured the hearts of Charlie lovers everywhere.

  18. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! Why did nobody else love “The Gang Turns Black”
    It has everything you want!
    Guest appearances, gratuitous violence, musical numbers and political commentary!

    We had a black president before the orange one !

  19. The Gang Broke Dee : So cruel !! And the weird relationship between Dennis and her… In my all episodes top Five ☺️

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