Which Mac from Always Sunny is your favorite?

Every Mac is amazing. Which is the most amazing?

There are very few people in the world that have evolved as much as Mac from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Okay, I will concede that Rickety Cricket has changed quite a bit (as we’ve documented multiple times).

But, when you really sit down and think about it, Mac has really changed A LOT over the past 12 seasons and we’ve been blessed with many Mac variations.

Sure, he may have always been gay. I don’t know. That’s God’s decision and through God all things are possible so jot that down.

Mac God Gif

And yeah, his massive weight gain was only temporary. But it happened. Boy did it happen.

Anyway, I’m getting off track. Which Mac is your favorite? Take a look through the choices below and vote for your favorites.

Which Mac is your favorite Mac?

Click the up arrow for each Mac that you like the most. The Macs are ordered by votes so the one at the top is the favorite Mac.


Fat Mac


When I first saw Fat Mac, I assumed he was in a fat suit. He wasn't. The entire thing was so awesome that I still love him for it.


Gay Mac


Now, some will argue that Mac was always Gay Mac. I'm still getting used to Gay Mac, but I love him like any other Mac. Just not in the way he might want me to.


Country Mac


The most badass Mac of them all. Never forgotten. RIP.


Black Mac


Now, Black Mac unfortunately is probably the least popular of the Macs. But you have to love him or you are a racist.


Jacked Mac


Jesus Christ dude! The newest Mac has hit the streets and he's a real muscle-bound freak you tiny twink.


Young Mac


We all loved Young Mac. With the exception of Coach Murray. Mac wanted Coach to love him and touch him. But, he didn't.

All 6 questions completed!

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Which Mac is your favorite Mac?

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We all know who Chase Ugley’s favorite Mac is. Click here to read about how he has a crush on Jacked Mac.


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  1. Jacked Mac just isn’t as funny, hard to take him as a pathetic loser when he’s so ripped, doesn’t fit his character

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