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Fly Eagles Fly: Rob, Chase and the Bird Are Ready for the Big Game

What Are They Planning?

Today, Rob tweeted out a video that will have all you lubed pole climbing, battery throwing, Santa booing, psychopaths ready to run through the Berlin Wall!

I honestly don’t know what is the best part of this video. The fact that the GODDAMN bird is literally trying to fly away or that Chase Utley is in it. Just the fact that Chase Utley is Rob’s now confirmed friend is hilarious. Do you think they hang out regularly in the off season? Somewhere Mac is crying.

Mac Chase Utley

This leads me to believe that the Gang has something cooking for the game. They are 100% up to some shit. Expect Green Man to make an appearance and show his sensual moves off at some point. We already got Danny in a M&M’s commercial. Not sure how Glenn will fit in with all of this but if his new show is any indication, it’ll be trash. Ok that was harsh. Sorry. We will get to that at some other point.

Official Super Bowl Prediction: Pats 31 Eagles 17. Eagles will not cover and I’m sorry about it. Nick Foles will somehow get hurt after keeping it a close and then the Pats will run away with it.



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