Frank Reynolds vs Danny DeVito: A Political Battle!

For many of us who follow Danny DeVito on twitter, there has been quite a hilarious contrast to his character, our beloved Frank Reynolds, that has appeared.

DeVito has been very politically active on twitter and was seen at democratic socialist (independent) Bernie Sanders’ campaign rallies last election, along with being a vocal critic of Donald Trump.

Safe to say that Danny is pretty damn liberal…or snowflake as some might say (“many people are saying this” -Trump).

From calling former President George W. Bush a “numb nuts” to saying, while endorsing Sanders in the primary, that now President Trump was “horrendous and shameful”.

At one point before the election DeVito said about a possible Trump win

We can’t let that happen. Can’t have that xenophobia and building walls and kicking everybody out. Do everything you can to make sure that Donald Trump doesn’t become president.

DeVito has been pretty outspoken when it comes to politics. But what are Frank Reynolds’ thoughts on politics?

Hey Frank, thoughts on guns?

If anything Frank sounds like Trump in this interview! Frank tells the news anchor “Crime in this city is out of control.” Sound familiar?

What about that damn Al Gore and Climate Change?

“These liberals, like Al Gore, they’re tryna’ take that away from us with this global warming bullshit!”

Frank what about women in politics? Particularly Hillary Clinton. Any thoughts?

Frank on Clinton…AWFUL, HATES FREEDOM!

But is Frank really considered a Republican? Wonder what his thoughts are on politics in general.

“You have to be a real low-life piece of shit to get involved in politics.”

So it does seem that Frank would not be a huge fan of Danny when it comes to his political beliefs. However, I could definitely see Frank at a Trump rally.

There are a few things they would 100% agree on…



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