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The Gang Tends Bar Trailer Video

What is in the crate?

This week’s all new episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia features…a mystery crate.

The Gang Tends Bar premieres tonight and so far all I’ve been able to gather from the trailer video (embedded below) is that there is some sort of mystery crate that is causing quite a stir.

The episode summary from FXX gives us a little bit more information on what’s going on:

It’s Valentine’s Day and Paddy’s is packed with customers. Dennis implores the gang to do one day of actual work but everyone else is distracted by a mystery crate Cricket spotted in the alley. Eventually, the gang becomes convinced Dennis really wants them to work on their relationships and everyone shares their grievances without much resolution.

So, the gang is actually going to tend bar? It’s been awhile since anyone has appeared to even work at Paddy’s Pub.

Check out the trailer video below and tune in tonight at 10PM ET to find out what the hell is in the crate and where all this is going.

Once you’re done watching the trailer, here’s an article about Charlie doing his Grieco character. Hilarious!


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