Girl Takes Cardboard Cutout of Danny DeVito to Prom…He Takes Her to Paddy’s

We all love Danny DeVito, but maybe not quite as much as Allison does…

High school prom is a pretty big deal. For 17-year-old, Allison Closs, there was only one person she wanted to go with…

Danny DeVito.

I honestly thought I might have been one of the biggest It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fans in existence, but Allison really might be the person that deserves that recognition.

Sure, I kind of started the Danny DeVito cutout phenomenon. I even gave a few cutouts away (Allison wasn’t one of the winners so she must have bought her own), but I was not a big enough fan to take Danny to prom.

She was.

Danny and Allison appear to have had a great prom together with him just rolling along for the occasion.

And of course they posed for some pictures with her friends.

Danny really just fit right in.

The fun did not end for Allison on prom night. About a month after Allison’s prom, Danny DeVito took a picture with a cutout of Allison at Paddy’s!

Rob McElhenney posted on his new Instagram:

Hey Allison- I heard you took cardboard Danny to Prom. What a coincidence. He took cardboard Allison to Paddy’s…

and included this awesome picture:

Danny with Allison cutout

Pretty awesome!

The gang is filming season 13 and you can catch up with all the latest on Rob’s Instagram. Can’t wait to watch it!


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