Glenn Howerton Does an AMA and Answers Your Biggest Questions

A few hours ago, our beloved Glenn Howerton (Dennis) posted 3 of my favorite letters on Twitter…

AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, which is exactly what It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fans did. Here are 6 of my favorite questions and answers.

The Waitress is Nikki Potnik. Yay or nay?

The Waitress’ name is NOT Nikki Potnik. She does have a name, we’ve just never revealed it.

This guy is obviously not a reader of this blog or he would already know that Glenn already said that the Waitress’ name is not Nikki Potnik.

when will u make a public instagram. it’s time.


I’m looking forward to following Glenn on Instagram. Charlie got an Instagram and he posts some awesome stuff.

has charlie always been a musical prodigy?

Charlie Day definitely has.

The Waitress, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, actually answered this in her AMA on Reddit too.

Charlie Kelly singing

Would you do a Sunny movie?

Someday yes

Oh my god. This is amazing news. Since season 13 is delayed, this is something that has been discussed on our social media pages. It would be awesome to see a Sunny movie in the future!

What’s the funniest thing charlie day has ever done?

One of my fav improvs he did in The Gang Recycles s. 8. It’s in the bloopers when he says “I don’t think he gets us, man.”

Haha, this was a fantastic question and I love the answer. You can check out the bloopers from season 8 on our It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia bloopers page.

The Gang Recycles

What was your hardest episode to film?

The Gang Turns Black was very complicated to write and to produce.

The Gang Turns Black was an interesting episode. It wasn’t my favorite from season 12, but I can definitely see that it would have been hard to produce. Check out our behind the scenes look to the episode here.

You can find all the questions and answers that Glenn answered on his Twitter here. Enjoy!


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  1. Before the show ends I would love to see Jerry Seinfeld make an appearance on IASIP. “Seinfeld” is my all time SECOND favorite show. I just think it would be perfect and the fans would love it. “Sunny” has often been described as “Seinfeld On Crack” or the “love child” of “Seinfeld” and “Arrested Development”. Both are accurate. LOL

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