Glenn Is Triggered and We Have to Let Him Breathe

Lets Sit down and Talk About Our Actions as Fans

Folks, Glenn is pissed off! I don’t know who he’s pissed at but shit I’m glad it isn’t me. Seems like one of those “Hammer of Thor” moments and I don’t want to be around when it goes down. In an attempt to calm Glenn down, I will address all of his points with you. All that I hope, is that it helps to lower the temperature.

Who the hell are these GODDAMN people writing these articles?!?! They seem like the absolute worst! Also, why would anyone confirm or deny that he is coming back without actually knowing. Would you not want to get the facts before publishing? Maybe Trump is right about this whole fake news thing. Oh and another thing. He said it was “POSSIBLE”! SO HES SAYING THERE’S A CHANCE!

For the love of Odin, Guys! How many times does this man have to say it. A.P Bio has nothing to do with Sunny. You’d have to be a real dunce to think that it did. They are clearly two different projects. For all we know Glenn has some kind of Rick and Morty/Hermione Granger time traveling device and can film both at the same time.

Again, how stupid can everyone be. If Glenn says he’s coming back it will ruin everything. Imagine if we knew, for sure that he was coming back. Would we even watch the new season if it was spoiled liked that? I mean really. Cmon people!

Newsflash: Glenn and Dennis are different people. Duh! Glenn is here. Dennis is the one we should be mad at. Who the hell knows where that Son of a Bitch is. Lets just hope that where ever he is, he is safe and happy and potentially peaking.

A.P. Bio is a different show. I know many people are saying that Glenn’s A.P. Bio character and Dennis are essentially the same, but they aren’t! Sunny is Glenn’s baby and he would never leave his baby like some people we know. Talking to you FRANK! Also, I love the move by Glenn to compare himself with The Rock like that. Shows a lot of balls.

Anyway, I’m glad we had this talk. I think it was nice to just get things off our chest and try to think rationally. What is the worst that could happen though, really?

Tune in next time where I’ll look at every implication I can find on the gang’s social media accounts and make wild and unsubstantiated claims about the show’s future.



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