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Rob McElhenney (Mac) Went to the Hospital in Full Blackface and It’s Dee’s Fault

Stupid bird is always causing problems.

While filming season 9’s Lethal Weapon 6, actress Kaitlin Olson was hospitalized after sustaining a pretty gruesome injury on set.

Olson was filming a scene with her husband and co-creator of the show, Rob McElhenney, when her leg falls through a metal grate on the ground and slices her leg open. Olson explains the incident on an episode of Conan.

“This was my big exciting thing at work; I got a big gash on my leg. I’d like to blame someone but my husband is the boss.”

The crew was filming a scene for the episode in an old abandoned warehouse which required her to come running into the scene. After doing so her leg slipped through an old metal grate, slicing her leg right open. The incident turned out to be a 911 situation.

Lethal Weapon 6

Ambulances and EMTs arrived at the scene and seemed to be confused as to where Olson’s injury actually was. After finding out the real injury was on her leg, the EMTs continued to ask her if she had any other injuries, as for she was wired with a blood pack on her stomach that bursted when she fell, causing it to make it look like she had another injury. She proceeded to go to the hospital to treat her leg.

After arriving, the actress realized that her and her husband were being stared at, but not because of her injury or stardom. When she turned to ask her husband why they were receiving strange looks she realized that he was still in full character as Murtaugh, Danny Glover’s character from the Lethal Weapon films (aka blackface).

Go suck an egg

“After a while I realized they’re not staring out of concern. It’s not the blood they’re looking at, they’re like glaring at us” says Olsen. “And finally I looked at Rob and I was like why are they– oh. Right.”

This goes to show it’s probably not the best idea to wear blackface out in public, but it sure is funny to hear about one of our favorite Gang members doing it.


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