I Have a Confession to Make and It Is Pretty Bad

Please Forgive My Horrible Transgressions

I have not watched the latest season…..

Please stop looking at me like this! Now I could give you all these excuses like how grad school is hard or that I was busy getting married…but I won’t do that. I shit the bed (it was Frank). I was a bad fan. Hand Up! That’s on me.

Now if this was the good ole days I would have Limewired the shit out of the season and it would have took me a quick 42 days and gave my Compact desktop computer more viruses than Bill Ponderosa would give yah and I would have watched it already.

Alas, we are in the days of Netflix and I have been patiently waiting for the new season to drop. But then I read this terrible news about Sunny leaving Netflix. Now what the hell am I supposed to do? Leech off of yet another friend that I haven’t really talked to since college for their Hulu account?!?!…..well you are GODDAMN right that’s what I’m going to do! In fact I already got that shit ready to go!

Trying to determine if I should write episode recaps after every episode I watch or just watch the whole season and write about that…let me know what y’all think. Maybe we can all just watch this new season together because I know there is a bunch of you that haven’t watched it yet either. Looking forward to talking shit to all of the dickbags in the comments.



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