18 Just Charlie Kelly Things

Do you do any of these Just Charlie Kelly Things?

We all want to be like Charlie Kelly. Charlie is the man. He’s an amazing guy that lives an amazing life with his buddy Frank.

Sure, he has his quirks, but there’s a reason he’s a fan favorite.

However, I do draw the line at doing certain Charlie Kelly Things.

Here is a list of 18 Just Charlie Kelly Things (from the Just Charlie Kelly Things Tumblr) that you may or may not want to do as well…depending on how much of a wild card you really are.

#18 – letting underage kids drink at your bar.

#17 – strutting with dramatic flair.

#16 – making a grilled charlie.

#15 – being a campaign manager.

#14 – eating trash.

#13 – playing video games till your eyes bleed.

#12 – uncovering major company conspiracies.

#11 – throwing a tantrum in church.

#10 – preparing for the end of days.

#9 – painting portraits of dogs.

#8 – orchestrating evil plans.

#7 – kidnapping journalists.

#6 – getting braces that aren’t meant for you.

#5 – eating trash.

#4 – getting high in the back office.

#3 – being a pretty sweet deal.

#2 – holding your breath for seven minutes.

#1 – eating cereal in your favourite hat.

You can find more on the Just Charlie Kelly Things Tumblr here:


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