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Breaking Implications: Mac and Dee Selling Their LA Home

There Are so Many Implications It Hurts My Brain

So Mac and Dee are selling their home in LA and the implications are giving me a GODDAMN headache, because you know…the IMPLICATION.

Apparently, they are trying to sell their Sherman Oaks (no fuckin’ clue where that is) home for for $2,675,000. Folks, thats a lot of dough!

Apparently this joint has over 4k square feet of space which has to be bigger than Paddy’s Pub.

Before I go into why I’m so shook about this, lets take a look at this shithole.

Holy Hell! That’s a nice house. Mac and Dee bought it in 2008 for 2.1 million dollars and it looks like a house people from Laguna Beach would live in.

The bathroom pic has me a little hot and bothered thinking about what went down in there! Mac all fat in that tub! Time for the scary part.

Why are they selling their house? Are they splitting up? Are they moving away from LA because Sunny is over? Was it infested with fire ants? Did it have asbestos, which gave Mac some sort of cancer? Did that bird bitch need a new hen house?

This is what happens when a show goes on hiatus. People start thinking of the implication and their brain goes bananas. I wake up in a cold sweat most nights wondering if I’ll ever laugh again. One night I dreamt I was in the Upside Down and Cricket was down there. He whispered to me in his little squeaky street rat voice “they’re never coming back you know.” Talk about your worst case scenario of Stranger Things 2 mixing with the scariest thing you can think of, combining to punt you square in the balls.

Jesus people get ahold of yourselves! They are just getting a bigger house because they are filthy rich like Frank pre-divorce from his HOOOOR wife. Most likely their new house is closer to the studio/set of Always Sunny due to the fact that they will be filming for another 10 years. Phew! Glad I didn’t freak out or anything.


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