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Margaret McPoyle Is Actually Hot

You’re a stone-cold fox, Margaret, and I want you. I gotta have you. I need you. I want you inside me.

Margaret MyPoyle, one of the ugliest characters on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, is actually played by a pretty hot actress named Thesy Surface.

Don’t believe us? Take a look through these awesome pictures of Thesy. You’ll never look at Margaret the same again!

But first, here’s Margaret McPoyle.

Margaret McPoyle

Okay, now here’s the actress without her Margaret makeup.

Thesy Surface Laying Down

Thesy Surface

Thesy Surface Margaret weird

Thesy Surface Margaret Swimsuit

Thesy Surface

Dennis in The Gang Gets Held Hostage:

Decided to come in here and take a break from all the excitement.

It’s got me all sweaty. So sweaty.

Do you mind? Margaret, you like sweat, don’t you?

It is “Margaret,” isn’t it?

Of course, it is.

You know, your eyebrow… It drives me crazy. It’s so thick. It’s so… dark… and so very… connected.

You’re a stone cold fox, Margaret. You’re a stone cold fox, and I want you. I gotta have you. I need you. I want you inside me.

But you know that… don’t you, Margaret? Yeah.

Thesy Surface Margaret

Thesy Surface

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  1. Lol wasn’t expecting this! While watching this yesterday my boyfriend asked if she was played by a man ahahahha

  2. She is a very lovely woman. Even without the “before” of Margaret McPoyle, Thesy has that look about her that isn’t intimidatingly hot (like staring into the sun hot:Scarlett J, Rihanna, Beyoncé,Emilia Clarke) so lots of people–women and men of all sexual proclivities–will find her attainably beautiful, if not “gorgeous.” I have a friend who doesn’t look anything like Thesy, but still has that same…”look” that causes many men (and some women) to form a crush on her immediately, and allows her to always look effortlessly put together. I think my friend and Ms.Surface are similar in that way.

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