Just In: New A.P. Bio Trailer Is Out, This Show Looks Like a Gift From the Golden God!

I Personally Can’t Wait to See the Show!

Here we have it folks, the first trailer for Glenn’s new show! Featuring Patton Oswalt, A.P. Bio looks like it will be hilarious with Glenn bringing just enough of our 5 Star Man Dennis, to give it an edge.

A preview of the show will come our way on February 1st at 9:30EST immediately following Will and Grace. Then, after NBC’s olympic coverage, A.P. Bio will premiere on March 1st at the same time. So, set those DVR’s because its gonna take off like a beautiful, beautiful gazelle person.

A beautiful gazelle person

Let’s break this trailer down a little bit. First of all, Glenn is looking good, really damn good. He’s got some nice flow up top and although he might be dressed like shit, he has yet to even consider thinking about peaking. Glenn’s character, Jack, is apparently living in his dead mom’s apartment which looks like Charlie’s mom and Mac decided to live together and worship the shit out of Jesus.

Jack makes it abundantly clear that he’s not gonna teach these kids jackshit about biology. Sitting front row is some nerd kid who looks to be at least 36 years old and a girl I’m praying to all the gods is 18+ and is shown frequently.

Ok, I looked her up and I think you guys are gonna like her. Her name is Aparna Brielle and she tweets things like this…

Yep! She’s awesome.

…oh and she likes to drink and bowl with Glenn…no big deal or anything. Ok, now I think I’m starting to get jealous of her. GODDAMNIT! Moving on.

The trailer then goes into a little montage of Jack kinda losing his mind throwing books out windows, doing karate (which looked very Dennis like), and then there is this hilarious moment…

YES! Drinking a shower beer and sitting down on one of those old people shower chairs is awesome. It actually looks quite relaxing and enjoyable.

Then, at the end of the trailer, Jack is sitting in the teachers lounge and a fellow teacher asks him if he is enjoying himself at the school. A little bit of Dennis appears once again as Jack scoffs at the other teacher thinking that he could possibly enjoy himself in Toledo, Ohio.

Although, I have never visited Toledo, I can only imagine it is like the rest of Ohio where everything looks like it might have been nice 60 years ago and where the local delicacies include some kind of trash chili put on everything from spaghetti to pizza (I fully expect to hear it from the Ohio fans on this one).

Overall, this trailer has done nothing but pump me up for the show. Some people were saying it was going to have a laugh track and that since it was a network show it wouldn’t be as edgy. Yet, as you can see, there was no laugh track and they showed him naked in the shower. These are both great signs that the haters are once again, WRONG!

I think A.P. Bio will be an awesome show and actually might help Sunny by not only giving Glenn another creative outlet, but also by giving Sunny the potential of a Patton Oswalt cameo or two.

February/March 1st can’t come soon enough.


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  1. Fan theory…it is Dennis. He escaped Philly for some reason (boredom) and decided to start a new life with a manufactured identity.

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