DO YOU LIKE BEER? Always Sunny Inspired Beers From Odd Side Ales

Beer + IASIP = Life

Always Sunny inspired beers…are you serious dude? I’m very ok with it.

Odd Side Ales has come out with some Always Sunny inspired beers and they might take the fan base by storm. I have already made a trip to the local liquor store to see how I can get this where I’m at.

I need to have this GODDAMN beer.

Lets take a look at some of these delicious beers. Just hope they didn’t add any of the ingredients that the Gang did for Philadelphia.

Troll Toll

Troll Toll Beer

Troll Toll WC Session IPA: The whole scene is pretty damn spot on. While the troll looks like Frank, we are gonna need that Nightmare to cultivate some mass. Love the nod to the greatest musical of all time either way.


Fight Milk Stout

FIGHT MILK Stout: I’m not a huge stout guy but if it helps me get jacked…feel like I gotta go with it. This brewery’s profits had to have soared high like a crow with this one.

Again, this depiction nails it. I’d drink this shit every morning so I could fight…like a crow!

The Implication

The Implication IPA

The Implication Triple IPA: I’ll drink a good Triple IPA no matter what the implication is. Even if its being on a boat with Dennis with nowhere to run and no one to hear my screams. Mostly because I’d get wasted off The Implication. I kind of want the boat to be on fire though.

Dirty Frank Juice

Dirty Frank Juice

Dirty Frank Juice Imperial IPA: This is their latest addition. It’s cool seeing it on the actual beer can and they put this over the top for me by not only using Frank’s likeness, but also using a top 10 quote “I’m gonna get weird with it“. I feel like I use that quote everyday…wonder if anyone ever gets it…probably not…people probably just think I’m a weird ass guy… Shit sorry about that.

I’d implore this brewery not to try and replicate the dumpster smell, but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker (I’m not above that!)

Here’s the part where you guys can chime in. Give us your best Always Sunny beer names. If you really wanna get weird draw some shit up and send it to us.

If we get enough input we could put something together. Also, if anyone has had this beer, let us know if its any good.


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  1. Erie Brewing Company has also named their vats after the gang. Frank and Charlie have giant vinyl stickers, with the rest just labelled with their names and tentative giant vinyl dreams

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