We’ve Got the Juicy Details Regarding Charlie Day’s Role in the Upcoming Pacific Rim 2

Charlie is back in Pacific Rim: Uprising (the sequel) and we could not be more excited!

You know Charlie Day as one of the stars of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. You may also know him from his role in the smash hit Pacific Rim. We have great news. The sequel to Pacific Rim, Pacific Rim: Uprising, is currently in post-production and is scheduled for a 2018 theater release.

Pacific Rim: Uprising Trailer

Charlie Day is an incredibly versatile actor. While he plays musically talented Charlie Kelly in It’s Always Sunny, he’s also been Benny in The LEGO Movie, Dale in both Horrible Bosses and Horrible Bosses 2, and numerous television shows.

His role as a doctor in this monster/sci-fi movie shows off his talents in a new light.

What You Need to Know About Pacific Rim

In 2013’s Pacific Rim, he plays Dr. Newton Geiszler, an MIT graduate. His interest in monsters seems well suited to the work he’ll do on the Kaiju, a genetically engineered aquatic monster designed for war against the humans. Dr. Geiszler joins a company that designs robots designed for war. It’s these robots that are going to try to keep the Kaiju from defeating mankind.

Pacific Rim Charlie Day

Charlie Day was joined by Idris Elba (Luther) and Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) in the first movie. They will not return for Pacific Rim: Uprising.

All the Current Details on Pacific Rim: Uprising

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched the first movie, stop and watch it first. Otherwise, you’re about to learn about the movie’s ending. Guillermo del Toro’s movie – he directed and wrote the screenplay – brought in more than $410 million the first time around. He’s back as the producer on the sequel, but Steven DeKnight (Daredevil and Spartacus) is director this time.

In the first movie, after the battle between giant war robots and the aquatic monsters, it was found that the Kaiju were coming from a wormhole at the bottom of the ocean. All seemed well after that.

Charlie Pacific Rim

In the new movie, 10 years have passed and advancements have been made to the line of giant robots. That’s a good thing as the Kaiju are back. Dr. Geiszler (Day) created a psychic bond with a Kaiju the first time, and it cost him dearly. It’s this bond that may be the tool they need to fight the monsters a second time.

While Elba and Hunnam won’t return, Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott Eastwood, is taking on the role of Nate Lambert. Adria Arjona (Emerald City) and John Boyega (Star Wars) are also joining the cast.

Are you as excited to catch up with Dr. Geiszler in Pacific Rim: Uprising as we are? Look for it to hit theaters in March 2018.


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