Paddy’s Theme: Ultimate Edition

One of the best It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia remixes ever…

Last week we posted the Daymanstep, a dubstep remix of the Dayman song, and proved that when you mix dubstep and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, you get an amazing result. Well, we have another dubstep remix that is going to blow your mind.

Paddy’s Theme: Ultimate Edition is another remix by Joman, the creator for Daymanstep. It’s amazing. It’s a remix of a few different songs you’ll recognize and features the entire gang. You can watch it below and download it here.

Oh, and can we talk about how awesome the graphic is above? Denim Chicken shooting that stupid bird, Dee. EPIC. Comment below with your reaction to this masterpiece.


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Dayman Dubstep

Daymanstep, the best Dayman dubstep remix ever!

Watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Online

Watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Online