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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Paper Dolls – Create Your Own Charlie

Print out the gang (Frank, Dennis, Mac, and Charlie)

I never played with paper dolls growing up, but as an adult, I have a collection of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia paper dolls on my desk at work.

I also have all the bobbleheads.

Yes, I am a Sunny Superfan, but once you see these awesome paper dolls, you’re going to want to print them out and use them as well.

Below are 2 Charlie Kelly paper dollars and then we have Mac, Dennis, and Frank as well.

Charlie Kelly Paper Dolls

This awesome paper doll features Charlie’s typical outfits (ROCK, FLAG, and EAGLE!), his rat stick, Nightman lyrics, kitten mittens, and more.

This one has the Dayman, Greenman, Charlie’s awesome jacket, and more!

Mac Paper Doll

The duster, Fat Mac shirt, a Paddy’s Irish Pub shirt (get yours), dick towel, Nightman, and more!

Dennis Paper Doll

I need my tools! Nightman, Hugh Honey, Paddy’s Dollars, and more!

Frank Paper Doll

Frank with a bong and condoms. There’s more, but what more do you really need?

Find more awesome paper dollars by artist Kyle Hilton here:


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