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No Earlier Than October 2018…Pass Me The Spray Paint!

Since the all the rumors started flowing about Glenn leaving the show, season 13 has been in a sort of limbo. Apparently, Glenn is wanting to do something different. With his new show with Patton Oswald (who has become my new biggest enemy, move aside Lawyer) this gives him an opportunity to do something else.

Charlie spray paint

Think of it as a stale marriage that just needs a little weird sex in a Denny’s bathroom to spice it up a little bit. AP Bio might be just the Denny’s bathroom sex that Glenn needs to come back and make sweet passionate comedic love to our brains!

A beautiful gazelle person

The shitty part is we will have to wait forever for the next season. However, if it takes until at least October 2018 for Glenn to do this side piece show and come back to us, I’ll be happy to wait. Just come home Glenn, come home.

Think of it as time for us all to re-watch the show for the 284th time.

Dennis Reynolds is insane


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    • Eh that’s debatable, they’re all great in different ways but I wouldn’t call Glenn the best of them all. But I do agree there really is no show without Any of the core crew, even Danny DeVito even though they did season 1 without him.

  1. After watching Charlie Day’s commencement speech it seems like these are written by him.

    Any chance we could know if that’s true?

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