Pigey’s Franchise Opportunity

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Fans! We have a HUGE opportunity for you.

You know the old saying, “Tastes like chicken?” Well, here at “Pigey’s” we are taking that to a whole new level! Pigey’s uses the most abundant and sustainable protein source our urban areas have to offer, the humble piegeon, and offers it as an ecologically sustainable meal you can feel good about feeding to your family.

Pigey’s is the newest and hottest franchise to hit the market since Arby’s. With limited start-up capital, Pigey’s can help you build our brand and realize profits soaring higher than our Pigeon friends.

Pigey’s is always caught and delivered fresh daily by Ramone and his wife Lupita. Our Pigeons are locally sourced, caught wild in giant fly paper strung between 2 buildings. The pigeons are lured into the sticky fly paper and eventually die of starvation, that is when Ramon and Lupita work their magic, removing thousands of pigeons in minutes. From there it is delivered promptly to your door, where you can place it between 2 slices of wonderbread and serve it fresh.

The franchise start up costs include all training, advertising, pos, build-out and start up inventory. Pigey’s takes a nominal 87% of the gross. Let bring a Pigey’s to your hometown today!

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