Rob McElhenney (Mac) Got Super Jacked and Chase Utley Has a Crush on Him

So, we all remember in season 5 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia when Mac wrote Chase Utley a love letter.

Then, a few years later, Chase responded to Mac’s love letter.

If this is all new to you or you want a refresher, we wrote an awesome article all about it (including videos and stickers) here.

Well, if you are as into dudes as Mac is, we are about to make your day.

Rob McElhenney is jacked

Yes, that’s our beautiful savior. And Rob McElhenney is standing behind him, super jacked.

That’s right folks, Rob McElhenney decided to get pump some iron during the season 13 delay. Now, he’s all oiled up and ready to plow.

Rob and the rest of the gang were at the L.A. Pride Parade this past weekend. A lot of people noticed how good luckin Danny DeVito is and how jacked Mac is all of the sudden (Jacked Mac).

One of the people to notice was none other than Mac’s mega crush, Chase Utley. Utley posted on his Instagram yesterday:

#mcm Lookin good Mac. you’ve come a long way @robmcelhenney

A post shared by CHASE UTLEY (@chaseutley) on

So yeah, that happened. Chase and Mac are best friends and probably bangin.

I cannot wait for season 13.


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